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Sea freight delivery offers many of the same benefits as air transport, however, it additionally allows for almost any product, no matter the size, shape, or weight to be transported. When transporting across seas, cargo can either be shipped by Full Container Loads (FCL) or Less than a Container Loads (LCL). As the name suggests, an FCL is a shipment that occupies the entirety of a container; a space filled only with your goods.

LCL, also known as groupage, are shipments that only occupy part of a container and so the additional space is filled with merchandise from other parties. LCL shipments provide the perfect solution for those looking to ship smaller volumes of goods; quantities ranging from 0.5 – 13m3. FCL shipments are a better option for those shipping larger volumes; quantities above 14m3 or more than 10 standard pallets. FCL shipments are often more secure as they are exclusive to your goods, however, LCL is more cost-effective if you cannot fill a whole container. In either instance, the experienced and trusted team at Top Priority Logistics Ltd always finds the safest and most secure container shipping for your cargo.

At Top Priority Logistics Ltd, we work to provide a tailored service that best meets the needs of each and every individual customer. Our team will find out what type of freight you have and when your shipment needs to arrive at its destination. With this information, our team can get to work, organising the best options for your goods –both in achieving the fastest arrival, but also securing the best price.

With fantastic connections across the world, you can rest assured that whether in the air or at sea, your freight is in great hands when employing the logistics services at Top Priority Logistics Ltd. Our close relationships within the air and sea freight industry means we can transport your goods to wherever they need to be, quickly and easily. For more information see our Same Day Courier, Overnight Courier and Medical Courier services.

Looking for hassle free, fast and secure air and sea freight delivery? That’s what our team does best. Get in touch with our logistics experts today!

Sea Freight

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our frequently asked questions below on sea freight.

FCL vs LCL freight shipping?

Choosing the right option is all dependant on the type of cargo you are planning on shipping.

Full container load (FCL) accommodates shipments where all goods in the container are owned by one company which is more ideal for those moving bulk items at a large-volume whereas less than container load (LCL) can combine multiple shippers goods in one container and allows you to maintain a smaller more adaptable inventory as you don’t have to wait to have a full container and therefore can ship more frequently.

Do I need to insure my cargo?

While you do not need cargo insurance and aren’t required to buy it having the insurance is always a good investment as you are protecting yourself from potential damage, loss, theft, non/late delivery etc.

Ocean freight cost?

Ocean freight rates increase during certain times of the year, especially when demand for space is high. One of these times is called “peak season”July to October. The quickest way to find the best rate is through a freight forwarder who has access to a higher range of shippers meaning they can compare the market for you.

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