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Whether you have made shipments across borders before or not, it’s no secret just how complex customs clearance can be. When documents and processes aren’t followed correctly, your freight can be landed with costly fines and lengthy delays. Fortunately, at Top Priority Logistics Ltd, smooth and successful customs clearance is what we do best.

As highly experienced import/export customs clearance agents, we know the ins and outs of international trade and are ready and waiting to assist with all aspects of the customs clearance of your goods.

Heading to any destination, from any destination, our skilled and dedicated team makes clearance straightforward and hassle-free for our clients.

At Top Priority Logistics Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a clear and complete customs clearance service for all import and export goods, arriving and departing from all UK ports and airports. Our team’s extensive specialist knowledge allows us to offer comprehensive advice on all customs-related matters including licensing, duty rates, quota requirements, OCR customs procedures, EORI, port health, and much more. Our friendly, yet professional workforce maintains excellent communication with clients to guide them through the customs process, ensuring the correct documentation is completed, achieving quick and easy transportation of goods. View our Same Day Courier, Overnight Courier and Medical Courier services.

As the UK has recently left the European Union, customs procedures and requirements have increased; Top Priority Logistics Ltd are here to handle everything and ensure that your shipments move through borders as quickly as possible. With accreditations from FIATA and BIFA, our clients can feel rest assured that we work to the letter of the law – you’re in safe hands with us! Our goal is to provide a tailored service that works to find the best outcomes for each of our clients, whether that be in ease of customs clearance or sourcing the best rates for transport, your goods are our ‘Top Priority’.

With fantastic connections across the UK and superior expertise in international trade, Top Priority Logistics Ltd is the number one choice when you’re in need of customs clearance agents. Chat to our team of experts today!

Customs Clearance Agents
Import/Export Customs Clearance Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our frequently asked questions below on custom clearance.

What does a customs broker agent do?

A customs broker will work with then submission of necessary documents to clear customs. Making sure the necessary licenses, are in place for the goods that are being brought into the UK. They’ll also make sure that the correct import duties and VAT are being paid and checking the classification and valuation of your goods, making sure you are using the correct commodity codes to reduce any delays. We will also Liaise with government agencies and customs authorities on your behalf to take the hassle out of the process.

What are the advantages of using a customs broker?

Using a specialist customs brokerage can come with several advantages the main one being peace of
mind another big advantage of using a customs broker is that they can help you navigate the complex
and changing set of import and customs regulations. The UK customs has seen several changes over
the past few years with more to come. This changing landscape is one reason that customs brokers
are useful if not essential to importers.

How much does a customs broker cost?

Customs brokerage services are tailored to each company, The final fee will depend on the products
you’re importing and their value at the point of origin. If your goods need licensing an additional fee
would be added other admin cost will be taken into consideration and built into your quote such as
bond transfers, port storage and government agency fees for inspection. Please get in touch with our
team today to get a tailored quote that best suits your business.

How can we help?

A customs broker will ensure you have all the correct paperwork in place for importing into the UK –such as your EORI Number they’ll make sure the shipment is labelled with the right commodity codes, and all the necessary documents and licenses are in place. And this will mean that your shipment clears customs into the UK without delays, and with no worries about paying over the odds in import duty, or being hit by a fine because of missing paperwork, allowing you to focus on your business & cargo.

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